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Welcome to Richwood
Planned Unit Development

Welcome to Richwood, a beautiful, quiet, family-oriented neighborhood with beautiful 1,500 to 5,000 square foot homes. It is located off the Bill Morris Parkway (Hwy. 385 E.), south of Germantown and west of Collierville.

Richwood is in the heart of an area loaded with all the great amenities and shopping that any family could desire. These features ranges from great county schools, like Southwind High and Lowrance Elementary, to the Collierville Mall, shops, stores, restaurants and gyms. Hidden on 164 acres, it is indeed one of Shelby County’s best kept secrets. Totaling 414 homes, Richwood Planned Unit Development features a pond, walking trails, covered pavilion, picnic tables, playgrounds and great neighbors. History

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Letter from the President

AT&T has requested to lease an area in Richwood (located in the park at the flagpole). The Richwood HOA board is negotiating with AT&T representatives in the best interest of our association. The lease is for 25 years renewable. The Board is asking for $800 per month and a 15% increase at 5 years intervals. The benefits are tremendous for Richwood. As you can see by the picture, the flagpole is very attractive and will have a very large American Flag such as the ones you have seen at the Car Dealerships. We will need you to sign a proxy to O.K. this lease. Richwood HOA will schedule a meeting at Lowrance Elementary School in the near future (Jan/Feb). Advertising signs at the entrances to Richwood will announce the meeting date & time. This information will also be on the website. When the formal lease is ready, the proxies will be distributed. Volunteers will distribute the proxies in our neighborhood and will require a signature by the homeowner(s). The possible benefits to Richwood are:

  1. Revenue to the HOA
  2. Area Improvement
  3. Build an enclosed Community Center for Meetings and Parties
  4. Delay/Prevent HOA Dues Increase
  5. Fight Annexation
  6. Improvement of Cell Phone Reception for all Carriers
  7. Patriotic
  8. Improve Security With Camera System
  9. Provides a Landmark for the Richwood Community.
  10. We need your help, so please sign the proxy when the Volunteers come.
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